John Lancaster
After graduating from Winchester School of art with a 1st class degree in Fine Art, John Lancaster continued his studies at the Royal College of Art, and then with the support of a British Scholarship worked in Rome for two years. The past 15 years for John Lancaster have resulted in five Artist in Residences in Norway, Australia, and the UK, a travel scholarship awarded by South West arts to Norway, and many exhibitions Nationally and Internationally. The most recent being held in the Krefelder Kunstverein in Germany, Maronie Gallery in Japan and the Span Gallery in Australia.
About the work
The paintings since 1997 have been inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. So far the work has grown to five series which includes large and small paintings and small drawings. In essence the work relies on decorative surface and busy design to create a complex spatial structure.

The most recent work has concentrated on geometric design that structures and underpins the compositions. This is an important move from the architectural structures which previously played that pictorial role. This has led to colour becoming the main focus for the work, in exploring visual movement and rhythms. All art displayed on this site is for sale, ranging from 400 for the small works to 9,000 for the larger paintings.