John Lancaster / Artist

             John Lancaster is a contemporary British painter. A recurring theme in Lancaster’s work is the inspiration he draws
             from location and, in particular, sacred spaces. This has taken the artist to some of the world’s iconic places;
             Baroque Rome, Granada’s Alhambra palace, the Royal Palaces of Rajasthan and the Zen Gardens of Kyoto.

             Lancaster retired as principal Lecturer in Fine Art at De Montfort University in 2014, and since then he has
             concentrated on developing his Artistic practice in Leicester. John is represented by the Boecho Gallery in London.
             This website features an extensive archive of the artist’s practice, which includes over 25 years of selected work,
             plus biographical, video, studio, gallery and critical essay material.

             If you have any enquiries regarding buying work, or simply want to contact John, email
John Lancaster
Last Updated August 2018